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SexTracker Chat Network, featuring thousands of connections by thousands of IRC chatters on hundreds of channels, is an ideal chat environment for many users looking for a way to turn the Adult Internet into a social experience.

The SexTracker Chat Network runs on a dedicated IRC server farm capable of handling over 100,000 simultaneous connections and thousands of channels. Since it is based on open standards, any IRC client can connect to on port 6667 for full connectivity to this network.

We highly recommend mIRC for Windows, available free from the mIRC download page, and Ircle, a shareware client for MacOS. Configure one of these clients using the settings above, and you are off and chatting on the SexTracker ChatNet!

The other, easier alternative is to find a SexTracker ChatNet Java IRC client, available on hundreds of adult websites, but best used at

As of this time there are no designated IRCops to handle conflicts or issues on SexTracker ChatNet. Remember: treat others well, and you will be treated well.

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