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ChatNet: You never know who you're gonna meet.
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SexTracker is pleased to present the most distributed adults-only chat service on the web. On the SexTracker Chat NetworkTM, you can find thousands of chatters in hundreds of channels. The capacity for creative and fun conversation is limitless!

"The Adult Internet has never been so... steaming hot!"

Using technology developed from scratch and using open internet protocols, you can find who you're looking for on this immense network from any computer with a Java enabled browser. And if Java's got you down, log in to with popular IRC clients such as mIRC for Windows and Ircle for MacOS.

"... and it's never been easier to find who you've been looking for!"

If you are an adult webmaster and would like to install this free Java chat client on your site, follow these simple instructions. You can have a customized version of this client and your own channel on the SexTracker Chat Network instantly!

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